Welcome to Pinda Fertility Coach

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my new website!

I hope that you find these pages interesting and useful, if there’s anything you want to see more of please let me know. I’ll be regularly updating this blog with new posts; I know life is busy for us all so please don’t think I’ve neglected you if there isn’t brand new content every week – I will get them written and of course any submissions/emails will be responded to very quickly!

Fertility counseling is such a hot topic these days, and with so much information freely available online it’s important that you get advice tailored to you – everybody is unique, perfect in their own way, and my goal is to make sure you maximise your body’s chances of conception & a healthy pregnancy.

Most of all I want this little corner of the internet to be an open site where people can ask questions, get in touch with me, and hopefully learn something along the way that you can apply in your every day life.

Namasté !